Thursday, February 6, 2014

Getting my teeth fixed

Had my second visit with the doctor today. He filled one tooth and took a look at the rest.

I'm going to need a partial for the bottom. the top is a different story. The teeth up there are in rough shape, but he doesn't want to pull the if he doesn't have to. So, we're going to see if we can find a lab willing to donate the crowns, he's really hoping. The dentist really doesn't want to pull living teeth that are still viable.

If a lab can't be found, then the teeth will have to be pulled and I'll have to get a top partial.

I never thought I'd stand a chance of getting my teeth fixed, but I found someone willing to help. I thought for sure I'd have to have all my teeth pulled and get dentures, but it turns out that's not the case. Think 3 miracles in a row could happen? Here's praying.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Indiana Donated Dental

This program may be the greatest thing I’ve discovered in years. It’s a program where dentists donate their services to help people like me who have dental problems and no way to take care of them.

I really don’t like talking about it because it’s both horrifying & embarrassing.
I haven’t had any dental care in 21 years. I’ve never had a job that offered it & have never been able to afford it out of pocket.

About 2000, I developed a cavity on my front tooth. People use to tell me I had something stuck to my tooth, forcing me to have to tell them it was a cavity.
Everything went to hell in a hand basket the last 5 years. I’ve last 4 teeth and there isn’t a tooth in my mouth that isn’t effected by decay. Where one of my Wisdom teeth was, is now a hole up into my jaw.

I stopped brushing around 3 years ago. My teeth would disintegrate while I was brushing, it just became too depressing. Nothing like a mouthful of grit from your teeth first thing in the morning. I thought I was doomed & if I found care, dentures it would be.
I started emailing my senators & other state representatives. One of them put me in touch with the donated dental program, something that I have never even heard of. So I applied an here we are.

Saw the dentist last week. Got X-rays done, a cleaning, and had a long discussion on what to do next. Turns out my teeth aren’t quite as bad as I had thought. It looks like I’ll only be loosing 10 teeth, meaning a partial denture, for the top. Then all of the rest of the teeth will have to have  work done, that’s fillings for all.
So, its both good bad. Next week the dentist and her partner will call me with a final game plan. She thinks it’ll go like this: another cleaning & extractions (they’ll also do an impression), while my mouth is healing they’ll have the partial made, then partial. Saying it, it sounds fast, but nothing is always as it seems.

Wish me luck. Btw, I thought about posting a pic of my teeth, but I didn’t want to gross everybody out. Maybe I’ll post before & after pics after the work is done. If you’re really curious, have a strong stomach, and are just curious, contact me and I’ll share a pic privately (I’ll send a link).

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Trying to write again and Black Friday

Well, Black friday was ok for me. I got to participate a little by purchasing somethings online. I had about $300 on credit cards to spend, but didn't spend that much.

I'm desperate for a new computer. this one is 15 years old and not worth fixing up any more. I would basically have to gut it (even the motherboard) and start over. I really don't have the money or energy for that any more. So I was looking for a cheap computer.

To my absolute delight, I was able to get a Windows Surface for $200. I had been wanting one of these, but thought I'd get one after they had been out for 10 years and I could get a used one, lol. Now I anxiously await its arrival.

I really needed to get some clothes. I buy 2 packs of t-shirts and 4 pairs of sweats every year, that's my going out clothes and PJs. So I really need to work on the wardrobe situation. Every time I tried to buy clothes this weekend, they were sold out before I got to check out. Oh well, maybe next year.

On the writing front, I have written articles in the past and I plan on getting back to it. The Surface will help a lot, as I spend a lot of time in bed (can't sit at the computer too long). So hopefully I can get back in the swing of things.

I just realized that an article I wrote for Yahoo Voices has been earning a few bucks for me every month. But I haven't received any payments because I hadn't been logging in. Something I hadn't thought about. You can see my contributor page here.

Got a plan, just have to get it going.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Seriously YAHOO?!?!?!


My God. I've only had me email account with since you started. I've watched over the years, get worse and worse. Why would anyone WANT to pay for your service? Why? It's not like they're getting anything better than the free service, they just don't get the awful, lag inducing ads.

I can log in, just fine. Got to my inbox, just fine. Click on a message to open it, no go. I get a "check your network connection or reload the page" error. Well, my connection works just fine. I've tried reloading the page, checking my connection, clearing my cache, etc. Still, no go.

So, I decided to call your 800 number (since I wouldn't be able to open a email from customer service). I go thru all the prompts, wait, then get told I'm being connected to a person, just to hear this: Due to high call volumes we won't be able to answer your call. *click*

And I called the number that paying customers are suppose to use.Come to find out, Yahoo has done an upgrade and everything is all screwed up.....yet again. Not just for free users but for everyone.

Ug. Every time I even come close to thinking about purchasing your service, you do something to remind me why I DON'T.

So thank you yet again Yahoo. The only reason I've stuck it out this long is because everyone knows that's my email address, but I've just about had it. Think I'll find a new service and start changing over. Maybe they'll appreciate it when a user has been around as long as I have.

I do have a Gmail address, maybe I'll start transferring everything to it and use it instead. god knows I've never had problems with it.