Thursday, March 12, 2009

About my polls

Thank you to everyone who voted on my little polls. The reason I did them is because I'm still freaking out about if I can make it or not. Here are the results:

What would you expect to pay for an apartment, groceries, car expenses, and utilities every month for a single person? $500-$600=1 vote; $801-$900=1 vote; $901-1000=1 vote; $1001-1100=2 votes

Do you think there is a way for a single person to live on $800 a month? (To cover rent, groceries, car expenses, medical expenses, utilities, everything) Maybe, but only cold showers and Ramen Noodles=1 vote; It can be done=2 votes

The reason I did them is because I'm freaking out about if I can make it or not on my own. I only get $800 a month and medical bills seem to really kill me every month. And I'm also still paying off some bills from my old life (they were in my name so I got stuck with them).

Apartments are pricey out here. Studio apartments in my area run about $625 a month, one bedrooms are around $800. The one saving grace I have is that I qualify for low income housing. So my one bedroom apartment is going to run me about $280 a month.

But utilities are going to be scary. My dad lived in a one bedroom apartment (just him) and his electric/gas bill ran about $225 every month.

Then I'm scared I won't be able to have a phone. I've been searching out the best deals and the best I can come up with is $75 a month. I have to have a phone, in case something goes wrong. I'll be honest here, I haven't lived totally alone since my teen years. So having my oen place and being completely alone is both exciting and terrifying. And break ins aren't that uncommon in my area, especially when it's a woman living alone.

I know I'm probably just being silly, lol. Worrying and stressing about things seems to be a hobby of mine.

I just want this to work, I want to make this work. My family has always kind of looked at me as the one with the most wasted potential, I'm like the looser of the family. And that's really something that bothers me. I try, I work towards goals, but things seem to always blow up in my face.

Ok, I'll stop now, lol.



Stacie said...

scary, I will be facing these similar odds soon...and I am terrified.

good luck (we will need it)

Lin said...

Try a pay-as-you-go phone and try to keep calls to a minimum. Make your important calls at work and email friends and family if you can. You can make anything work if you have to, but be prepared to sacrifice until you things improve financially. You are not alone, but you will have to learn to live without some things for awhile.

Rayne said...

I was just going to suggest a pre-paid phone like the last person. If you have a dollar general store or any other dollar store near you. I highly suggest using them for your grocery, personal care, clothing, etc... needs. You'll have to really watch your spending. Focus on what you absolutely have to have.

Be safe! shop for store brands, by the way. Cheaper.


Rayne (Thoughts)

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