Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Does this make me a “Cougar”?

Ok, this past weekend, I went and spent the night with youngest sister, she’s 20. No big deal, just a couple of sisters catching up. So, while I was there, her boyfriend came home and we were all having fun talking. Then a friend of a friend of a friend of his came over.

This is where things get little weird.

This friend was cute and nice, I sat talking with him. Joking around just being social. Then, it was strange, he started coming on to me. Hmm, kind of caught me off guard. This kid was only 25. Yes, let me say that again, HE WAS ONLY 25.

It was a different situation for me. I steer clear of younger men, and have never had anything to do with someone more than 5 years younger than me. So this was strange to me.

It was fun, I certainly enjoyed the attention. And he was a really nice guy. Not someone I would date or get involved with, but there isn’t anything wrong with a few hours of cuddling, talking and a few innocent kisses.

We both agreed no further contact is necessary. Hell, we didn’t even exchange phone numbers.

Why do I feel sort of embarrassed about it now? Does this make me some sort of “cougar”?

I guess it’s weird for me because I really prefer men who are older than me. This was just a chance thing. Gosh I need to be around older people more, lol.

Any words of wisdom? Anyone? I guess now, I feel a little ashamed of myself for messin around with someone so much younger than me.



Leire said...

It is really nice to read you had fun! And, hey, don't be embarrased, I wouldn't be if I were you... it was something unexpected, something you were not thinking of doing, nothing planned...and this is where the fun thing is! I've done a lot of crazy things (nothing ilegal, lol!) and never regretted (ok, maybe some time, but I can't remember now..;). Try to look on the bright side of every new experience you have in life. I'm quite pessimistic myself, but this is what I do after going through something hard. I've learned to do it, I just had to.
And if you still feel weird about last weekend...imagine you are Demi Moore and the 25 year old is Ashton Hutcher! What's so wrong with being 11 years older? You are not dating him anyway, but even if you were...I would still support you.

Enjoy and keep writing! I love reading you at night before going to bed ;)

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