Saturday, March 14, 2009

The good ol days

I remember way back when.

My family has always been a highly computer oriented family. My dad did computer work for Ford Motor Company. So we always had them in the house.

The first computer I ever had, I got in pieces. My dad tole me "if you can get it together and running, you can use it". Well, 3 days later, I had that bitch together and running. I loved it.

I can also remember when we got the internet and dad let me use it. Those awful, nerve grating dial-up sounds, lol.

Then I discovered chatting, oh yes. I would be at my computer chatting when dad went to be....and that's right where I'd be when he got up to leave for work, lol. It was before all the internet porn and people looking for booty calls. Back then, it was just a bunch of talking about life and ourselves, really innocent.

I even spent a month in California with one of my friends from chat. Yeah. Nothing weird or sexual about it, just one friend visiting the other. It was nice.

Nowadays, there's no good place to chat and you have to worry about being stalked/raped/worse.

I miss those days, they were a lot of fun.



Ronin said...

Sometimes, I find myself missing the screeching sounds of the modem connections. It kind of takes me back to a "simpler" day on the internet when it seemed like it was just a lot easier to find cooler people.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hopefully you'll find some new, good friends through your blog who don't have hidden agendas.

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