Saturday, March 28, 2009

I made a new friend

Because of the neighborhood, there’s a lot of stray animals around here. Not just the pets that get let out at night. I’m talking full blown strays.

It just breaks my heart. I come from a long line of animal lovers. When I was a kid, at one point we had in the house: 6 cats, 2 dogs, 2 guinea pigs, a hamster, a snake, a salamander, a bunny, 4 kids (and all our friends) and the parents. Yeah, we always had a zoo going on (both 2 and 4 legged).

Recently, there’s this long haired, beautiful, black cat that I see hanging around outside every once in a while. He’s sweet, if you call him he’ll come over and meow at you. He’ll rub against things like he wants to be petted, but he won’t let you touch him. He’s gorgeous. He’s extremely thin, but looks to be pretty healthy.

He just breaks my heart. Other neighborhood cats beat up on him.

I wish I had the money to take care of him. I’d catch him and he could be all warm, cared for and loved. It’s obvious he was a pet at some point in time.

I’ve actually been thinking of giving him a name, just because. Maybe Harvey, lol. When it comes to naming I go with what just comes to me and feels right. Yes, I think he just might be Harvey.

I wonder when Harvey will be back? Harvey is such a pretty kitty. What’s the Harv up o today?

Yep. Harvey it is.



Leire said...

I'm an animal lover too. At the moment I just have a hamster, that's all I can afford, since I live with my parents and they don't want any other pets. My mom didn't even want a hamster, but now she adores her although the hammie is destroying my rugs and furniture, lol. I take her out of her cage every day so she can run around my bedroom, she's so friendly!!

Plus we live in a condo and it wouldn't be fair for a dog to live here, plus we are busy all day and it would be impossible to take the dog out for walks and stuff. And a cat would be alone at home all day. Not fair.

I'm glad you have a new friend. Animals are just so much therapy for people!! Tell us about your progress with him.

Take care Jen and have a good Saturday.

Margo said...

I've always been an animal lover... but at a distance, because of horrendous allergies/asthma. But, I've been much better in the past couple of years and we got our first family pet... a labradoodle! I hung out with lots of her family members before signing up for the responsibility (didn't want to have to give her up because she made me ill :) And anyway, she is the greatest companion ever.

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