Monday, March 9, 2009

My poor Willie

She’s so lonely and I feel so bad. She’s use to having 12-17 of her brothers and sisters around. Now, it’s just me and her.

At first, I really thought she’d get over it and adjust, now I’m not so sure. She’s spending a lot of time in her cage and won’t play with any of her toys. I really think she wants another lil birdie to talk to and hang out with (she’s always been around other birds).

When we move into the new place, I’m going to see about adding to our little family. I’m considering a cockatiel or another Pionous. Not sure yet.

It’ll make Willie happier and it’ll make me happy too. I miss my kids, tho I know they went to a great home, I just miss them.

And hey, 3’s company, lol.



Rayne said...

What a sweet birdie! Beautiful coloring, too. :) Yeah, maybe Willie would be happier with another birdie. He's been so used to that interaction. It'd be good for you, too. :)


Rayne (Thoughts

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