Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Slowly making progress

I saw my therapist yesterday. It was time to go over our therapy goals. We go over them every 3 months to see if any progress has been made. Here's my update, some good, some bad.

Social interaction - Minimal Progress (she actually counts this blog)
Energy levels - Regressed (my functioning has decreased)
Mood levels - No change
Coping skills - Minimal progress (I've been using breathing to control anxiety)
Self harm - Moderate progress (I haven't been having the urges)
Assertiveness - No change
Ability to recognize abusive situations - No change
Improvement of sense of self - Regressed (I have no self identity)

So there's been a bit of progress. Not much, but a little. I really hate having regressed in any area, but I guess you'll have that.

It was an ok session, we mainly did the report. Didn't get to talk about much.

Next time I go, I'm going to talk to her about how to get beyond the memories of abuse. I still have nightmares and flashbacks of things my mom did. I don't want them any more, they serve no purpose and it's time to put the past to bed. Just not sure how to go about doing that.



BG said...

Jen, your next step is to dump the shrink, get over it & move on. Dwelling on the past is keeping you from living in the now, the future. LET IT GO; completely. You are better than that, you are stronger than that, you are a beautiful person & you can move on, look forward, learn from your mistakes & live for today & tomorrow.
Love ya!
(: BG

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