Friday, March 27, 2009

This is my space

Today, I thought I’d give you a little deeper look into a bit of my life.

I spent 8+ years with the ex. He had my mind so messed up, I believed that my family didn’t care about me and would never help me. I told my dad I wanted to leave, but I was scared because I didn’t know where I would go or what to do. He told me to call my sisters.

A few days later, I started talking to my sister about getting out. She ok’ed it with her fiancé and said I could come stay with them. I planned to leave a few weeks later, but the ex was getting worse and worse, so I left early.

My sis and her now husband (they got married in December) rent a small house in a not so good town. This town is known for it’s high crime rate which has gotten worse because of the

When I got here, I started out sleeping on the couch. That was killing my already bad back and sucked for the newlyweds every morning. So, I had to come up with a new arrangement.

The house has a sunroom. This room is 9’ by 8’, it even has windows into the main part of the house (including their bedroom). So, I got an air mattress and began sleeping out there.

It was ok, til the first night of negative temperatures. This room has no heating vents and isn’t insulated. So I went out and bought an electric heater and put plastic up all over the windows and the door to the outside. Now it stays a good 65 in there, which is nice.

The other major problem was sleeping on the air mattress on the floor. There’s no insulation down there and it was always freezing. I was sleeping with 6 comforters and every sheet I could
get my hands on. So, for my birthday, my dad bought me a futon. It got me off the floor and is rather nice to sleep on (I never fold it up tho). And it gives me something to move into the apartment when I get one.

It’s small. It’s not perfect. But it’s my space. I like having a space that’s all mine. And I love the wood in the room.

It’s also perfect for Willy. Her cage is by the window to the living room, so she can be out of her cage all day and interact with whoever is in the living room.

So, that’s where I live. The pictures are of my actual space, but they are before I got the futon. It’s a little crowded, I really need a dresser.



numberonesistah said...

Hey Jen, I wanted to pop by and say thanks for reading/following my blog.

I so totally understand the whole starting all over thing. I've done it twice. Yeah, 2 divorces, 3 children, moved back in with my mom in my late 30's. I've so been there. I also struggle with chronic depression, not so much the anxiety that you have, but I can relate also with the emotional upheaval.

Keep hanging in there and I hope the blogging helps. It's helping me because I'm making myself rediscover my sense of humor that I lost a long time ago..and I really missed it. It's funny, because it seems like the more I try to be funny, the more the old me seems to come back.


Leire said...

Nice to see the place where you live!!! Small but it looks very cosy, show us your futon too ;) I hope you are ok...and that you can have your own appartment soon ;) Take care!

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