Monday, March 30, 2009

Where I can start…

Yesterday’s post was shameful. But some days are like that, there’s still a lot of down moments for me right now.

So I really feel like I need to talk more about things that I can do. That aren’t beyond my abilities right now.

Go for a walk. I need to get more time outside. Not to mention I need the exercise and movement.

Do a workout DVD every day. It’ll help me get healthier. Not to mention the weight I need to loose.

Read for an hour every day. I can handle this. Actually, I like reading so much, I usually get sucked into reading for hours. I just need to get a few books, I only have 3 right now.

Comment on my favorite blogs. I’m a really bad commenter. I probably read 20-30 blogs a day, think of commenting, but don’t. Not sure why I do this. I’ve even typed in comments and then just deleted them. This is a habit I’m really going to try to break.

Work on my online store. There’s always something I could be doing to make my store better. Like my descriptions, I’m really bad at those so they could use tweaking.

Write for both blogs every day. I really want to start making it a habit. I always feel so bad when I skip posting. It’s not from a lack of something to write about, I seem to never run out of things to say.

Crochet for 2 hours every day. I love to crochet and I usually do it every day, but not lately. I have the yarn for 5 projects, but all of them are just sitting here.

So this is a nice start, if I can stick to it and do them every day. That’s where I run into troubles, getting motivated to do them every day. Like the exercising, I’ll tell myself: “Monday, I’ll start Monday. That’s a better day to start”. Then Monday rolls around and I don’t get around to it, Mondays are doctor days and really busy.

Can someone just reprogram my brain, seriously? It just needs a little tweaking, in the area of following thru on good intentions. Nothing a big shot of motivation and extra energy wouldn’t fix.




Marie said...

Make sure you add:

"Cut myself a break if I don't do all of these things every day."

It sounds like a really full agenda to me. Don't set yourself up to try to do too much and then beat yourself up for not accomplishing everything every single day.

This is a time to set goals, but to be gentle with yourself as well. :)

Congratulations on such a brave start!

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