Thursday, June 11, 2009

I got a tattoo

Yes, yes I did.

There's this place a couple blocks away that offer small $10 tattoos. I've always wanted one and the price made it so tempting.

So one day my sis and I were out and we stopped in to see what they had. I found a small ankh that I like and took the dive. I now proudly have a small purple ankh on my left arm.

I'm so happy. That's one thing I can cross off my bucket list, lol.

How awful am I? 10 seconds after the guy started my tattoo, I was already planning on getting my next one, lol.

It was awsome. The camera is dead, so I'll post pics later.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Went to the doc the other dsay

Sometimes I swear my shrink is useless. Then others, I think he's just ok.
So, I had my monthly visit with him. He's upped my Lamictal to 150mg, he's shooting for a therapuetic dosage of 200mg, but he's moving it up slowly.

I have to admit, on a feeling human scale of 1 to 10, I'm at about a 2.5. Making this the best I've felt in my life, lol. Too bad I'm so exhausted all the time to take advantage of it. And I mean exhausted, that achy tired feeling you get when you've been awake for 3 days straight. I spend more time trying not to fall asleep and planning naps.

I sleep fine, I'm getting 8-10 hours a night. But I can't make it through the day without a 2-3 hour nap. Ug. Hopefully I'll get over it soon, not sure why it's happening.

And I'm having a lot of dreams (normally I'm not a dreamer). Every night now. I'm dreaming a lot about the ex, not sure why. I think these are also side effects from meds.

It just keeps getting more interesting.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

So tired

Seriously. All the time. No matter how much sleep I get. I just feel exhausted, and it's that achy exhausted too.

I spoke with my therapist about it, she says it's the depression and that I have to force myself to do things. But it's so hard. I just feel so awful, my body doesn't want to function, all it wants to do is go to sleep.

It's kind of freaking me out a bit. I've always been depressed and felt tired, but not like this. I've never slept like I have been lately (9+ hours a night and sometimes an afternoon nap of 2 hours). I usually have problems sleeping. I usually sleep 3-5 hours a night. That's how I've been my entire life.

Maybe it's the meds, I really don't think so. Maybe I've discovered one of their unknown side effects, lol.

I just wish I had some energy. The meds are working a bit, I'm have bouts where I feel better a few times a day. But I'm just so exhausted that I can't take advantage of them.



Wednesday, June 3, 2009

House hunting

Well, my sister is officially looking for a house. Not sure yet if it's going to happen, but she's looking and trying.

I really hope it works out. She and her husband want to start a family in the next year or 2, so it would be nice if they were settled into a home instead of hopping from apartment to apartment.

We went out yesterday driving around looking at houses that are for sale and found quite a few possibilities. Now she just has to see if she can get the mortgage at a price she can afford. *fingers crossed*

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