Friday, August 21, 2009

Ahhhh, a night of peace

None of what I'm about to type is meant in a mean way. I love my lil sister and love my niece more than my own life. But it's really nice that they aren't here tonight, lol.

My sis is working on getting back together with her ex, so they went to stay over there tonight.

It's kind of weird. My dad and I aren't sure what to do with ourselves, lol. We're so use to looking after the niece/his grand daughter, that being without her is strange.

My lil sis on the other hand, we needed a break from her, seriously.

Don't get me wrong, I love my sister, but she's making every mistake she can and doesn't even care about any consequences. She thinks that everything and everyone will bend over and give her whatever she wants. (pic is of sis and shorty)

The ex kicked her out so we let her move in, for VERY little rent.

In return, she does absolutely NO cleaning around here. She just leaves her dirty dishes and clothes where ever they fall. She doesn't clean her room, has never vacummed, never dusted, won't fill the dish washer, disappears for hours (leaving us wondering if she's picking up her daughter from school). She insults us every chance she gets. She even gets up in my dad's face and screams at him.

I get totally infuriated with her. I don't explode in her face because I know it would really hurt my dad. And he's helped us kids so much, I can't do that to him. Tho she has him to the point of wanting her out too.

She's totally unappreciative of anything anyone has done for her. She thinks the world owes it all to her to take care of her.

Worst of all, she won't take care of her child. She has no patience with her daughter, she's admitted it more than once. So we all take care of her. Which we have no problem doing, my niece is fabulous. And as far as I'm concerned, my niece can stay and my sister can move out. (pic of me and shorty)

Ug, not what this post was suppose to be, lol.

It's just nice to not have them here. So we have a chance to relax. Not worrying about the little one or picking up after my sister.

Think I might play video games all night. At least until shorty (my niece) gets dropped off in the morning. (pic is of Dad and Shorty....yes ladies, he's single, a good man, fun to be around, stable, loves kids and family oriented). Shhhh, he'd kill me if he knew I said that, lol.

I do miss her. Shorty is my partner in silliness. When she's not here, I don't have an excuse to act silly.



Organic Meatbag said...

Ahhhh, I know how you feel a little brother is the biggest pain in the ass I know but I still love him,... nobody knows me or understands me better than him (except for my Wife)...however, he is a tempermental crybaby half the 40 years old!

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