Sunday, September 6, 2009

Got into to it with lil sis

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my little sister. But she does everything she can to push my buttons. Now that she doesn't live here any more, she insists on coming over and getting under my skin.

She comes over to "visit", she just walks in unannounced whenever she wants to, she's been told to call first. Then the first thing she does is start going thru the caller id on the phone. Next, she'll pick up the remote and start channel surfing (even if you're watching something). Then, she has to go thru the apartment and inspect every room, including both bathrooms.

It drives me friggin nuts!

So, the other day, I laid into her about still having a key to the apartment. And of course, she wined about needing it to get into the apartment for emergencies. So I pointed out the fact that I only leave for about 2 hours every week and I'm sure there won't be a life or death emergency during that time.

Then she pointed out that she needed it to get into the apartment. So, I pointed out that she could call ahead or knock like a normal person. Needless to say, she wasn't happy with me when she left.

Dad was even less happy with me. He was going to get the key back from her before he goes back to Florida. He tore me up after she left. I'm sorry it upset him, I hate myself for ever upsetting him, but I just couldn't keep myself from doing it.

My dad lets her get away with everything, seriously. She does things that us 3 other kids would get killed for. And my dad does it all because of my niece. Ok, I understand that, but my sister really needs some lough love. She's never going to grow up or learn to deal with life if she's always getting bailed out by us.




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