Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I have to raise my prices

After a long email discussion with my friend Stacey, I have decided to raise the prices on my handmade items. I have to, materials have gone up and most people in 3rd world countries are being paid more than I pay myself.

I hate doing it.

I've always tried to offer my items to people like me, people who have tight budgets. People that can't afford a lot.

But after examining my pricing and costs....and a lot of prodding from Stace. It has become clear that I HAVE to do this, I can no longer afford not to.

I just hope I doing the right thing. I'm really nervous about it, like all changes. I'll be doing it as of October 1st, that way it gives me time to work out the pricing for everything.

I see the doc this afternoon hopefully there will be some good news.

Blog at ya later.



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