Saturday, September 12, 2009

I spent $23 on me, now I'm freaking out

I'm so not used to spending money on me. But I was having a good day and daddy wanted to go visit the Salvation Army store.

I only bought stuff I needed, ok, 2 items I really wanted. But 3 out of 5 things I bought were ones I needed.

Like this winter coat. I really needed it, I don't want to go another inter with just a jean jacket. It cost me $4 and is brand new. SCORE!

Then I saw this brand new purple sweater for $4 and just had to have it.

It's really awesome, nice and warm, pretty, and I can wear it around the apartment.

I also got one of those things that you put around your bed. Not sure what they're called, lol. But I've always wanted one and never had one. It's like a valance but it goes around your bed and covers up the bottom part.

I bought it, it's black and gold (matches my room colors), so I really wanted it. I think it wqill go nicely around my futon and hide the boxes that are stored underneath.

Then we went to Walmart so daddy could pick up a few things.

I hadn't planned on getting anything, but then I saw the pillows. Now to 95% of the population, this is no big deal. Unless of course, you haven't owned a new pillow in 12+ years. Seriously.

So, I couldn't help myself. I had to have 2 of the nice smelling, fluffy, white pillows. They were calling my name. The pic to the right is one of the new ones. It's so yummy, all white and new.

To the left, thes are my old pillows. I can't even believe I'm posting pics of them. They're so disgusting. And these are pics of them after they have been washed. Ug.

Yes, I really needed these items. But now I'm going thru a ton of buyer's remorse. I always feel so bad about spending money on myself, especially when I thing it isn't necessary.




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