Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm officially carless

Yep. My dad has officially declared my car done for. There's even more wrong with it than what I already knew about, errrr. I'm going to be calling one of those places to have my junk car towed away.

I was really hoping we could make it last thru the winter, but it's not happening. We'd have to pour huge amounts of money into it and the car just isn't worth it. As it sits now, the car is worth about $300 (if someone were to buy it and were being generous). So dad has vetoed any work on it.

Now I'm really freaking out.

This means I'm going to be dependent on my lil sis all winter long if I want to go any where. And honestly, I just don't see it happening. She's agreed to take me grocery shopping once a month, but there's no way she can help me get to and from my doctor.

I talked to the local taxi services and the cheapest I can find is $20 round trip (doc's office is 3 miles away). So, that's going to be $100 a month, ug. I think I might have to cut back my appointments over the winter and go like once or twice a month. But, the doc gave me a few phone numbers to call to see if I can set up medical transportation.

This just really sucks. I was so hoping to get my car in better shape and enjoy the freedom of not having to find a ride or borrow a car. Yuck!

Some family members just don't understand it. I don't depend on them because I WANT to, but there's not much I can do about it right now.

When my dad comes back from Florida in December, he said we'll discuss the car situation. So I have to scrimp and save every cent I can til then. If I have a decent amount saved, maybe I can get him to help me get a car.



BEBsTreasures said...

My heart goes out to you! I'm in the same boat right now (except for the doc appointments). It does stink and it sure is a blow to the pride. Good luck in getting another car!

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