Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New psychiatrist, new med and dating

Had my first visit with the new pdoc. I actually really like this guy. He sees no purpose in continuing to try medications that haven't worked for me in the past (something my other docs kept doing).

For now, he's keeping me on my Lamictal and Lexapro, but he has decided to add Abilify to the mix and see if helps. If not, he and I are thinking about just changing meds all together.

He also brought up something that I found hilarious: he wants me to get put on birth control and to start dating. WTF?? He said it would be good for me, I told him I really wasn't worried about dating right now, I need to work on me. But he's determined that I really need to date, lol.

First time I've ever had a pdoc suggest that.

He's also ordered kidney, liver and thyroid tests. He thinks I may have a thyroid problem. And he wants to make sure my liver and kidneys haven't been damaged by the meds I've taken in the past. Should be interesting, seeing how I absolutely hate needles and seeing medical doctors.

Should be fun. N O T.



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