Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anniversary and mammogram

Let me just say, I did nothing for my anniversary and here's why:

On Monday, I had a mammogram. Knew it was gonna be bad, I have fribroid adenomas in my left breast. No surprise, no biggie.

Well, 2 hours after getting it, my doc's office calls:

Nurse: "The doctor wants to see you asap, the test results were abnormal."
Me: Yes, I know, I've had the lumps for about 4 years.
Nurse: No, he compared this mammogram with your last one. Can you come in on Wednesday so he can discuss it with you?

Ok. I made the appointment and spent 36 hours a nervous wreck.

My appointment was this afternoon....well, it was suppose to be. My doc called out to deliver a baby, the computers were down, so I have to call tomorrow to reschedule.

I'm hoping he just tells me it's time for the adenomas to come out, they're achy and cranky. I'm hopinh that's all it is. Tho my Grandmother had breast cancer the first time at my age.



Anonymous said...

I'll hope for the best for you. Try not to worry unless you need to (I know that is so much easier to say than do!) - I had a receptionist at my old doctor's office who used to scare me silly with calls that I had to come in for some test result or other and she used to make it sound like I would get bad news...and I never did. So I am hoping the same for you. Hang in there!


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