Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Anyone use Mirena?

**WARNING: Girlie gross stuff discussed. Might not be a post for the guys. You were warned fellas.

So, had my girlie exam today. Nothing like having a strange woman finger you...uh, I mean lookin into your kitty. Oh never mind, you know what I mean.

Originally, I only went to get the boobies checked out. I have Fibroid Adenomas in my left breast (lumps). And my family has a serious knack for breast cancer, so it's a situation I stay on top of. Any way, the lumps have grown and have begun to hurt, nothing like an achy cranky boob. It's to the point where a bra is REALLY uncomfortable. BONUS, there's one in the right one now too, I guess it felt left out.

So, I figured what the hell, lets just make this a full out embarrassing appointment and have everything checked out.

In uncomfortable situations, I can become a snotty smart ass. So I figured I'd throw a zinger at the ole doc. I started asking about birth control....then I added I wanted bc, but I'm over 35 and a smoker.

Now any woman who has seen the commercials knows, they all say the same thing, not for women over 35 who smoke. So I thought I was being Ms. SmartyPants. And the fact is I had given up on being able to get bc.

Boy, was I wrong. This broad named off at least 12 forms that I can use. Yeeeehaaaw!

I decided Mirena sounds like the best. It lasts for 5 years, nothing to remember to take and no unplanned babies.

Now, keep in mind who I am here. It's not like I'm having sex with anyone or have anyone in mind. Hell, I'm surprised there weren't cobwebs and bats in there, it's been so long. But at least when I do find someone, I don't have to worry.

So, does anyone have any experience with Mirena? Know anyone who "uses" Mirena? I'm kind of excited, might have to look for someone to try it out with....no, not really, well, maybe.



Jen said...

I used Mirena for five years until I had them take it out and tie my tubes. IT WAS GREAT! No period for five years! The downside was that I had acne worse than I ever had it as a teen and even though I had no period I was still PMSing once a month. But still, no period was great.

Angie said...

I've had mine in for over 3 years. NO period...it's AWESOME!! :)

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