Thursday, October 22, 2009

I absolutely HATE my life

So, I've been running 40-50% off sales in my store. I actually got an order yesterday. I ask my lil sis last night if she'd take me to the post office (she was off work) of course, not a problem she tells me.

I still haven't heard from her. It pisses me off, she's so flighty. You can't count on her for anything except the fact that you CAN'T count on her. I guess it's to be expected, she's bipolar.

It's just hurts so much, knowing you have no one in your life that you can count on, no one to help when you need it.

We made plans this past weekend, so I could see my niece (her daughter), because I really miss her. Of course, my sister didn't show, didn't call and wouldn't answer the phone.

It just hurts so much. I'd never treat her like this, she wasn't like this before.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try to walk the 4 miles to the post office.

I'm going to have to change my therapy appoint again (4th time). So I have a time when the bus can take me, since I can't count on my sister to take me. She misses therapy/psych appointments all the time, lucky if she goes once every 2 months. She may not want help, but I do, I can't stand the depression, I want to get better. Even if she doesn't.

God I wish I had a car.



Teena in Toronto said...

I'd drive you if I could.

Happy blogoversary!

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