Monday, March 1, 2010

Struggling with depression

Yep, that's why I haven't been blogging. Hell, if I even get oout of bed, it's a good day.

Not sure what has brought this on. My psychiatrist is great, tho he's tried every med he can and nothing is helping.

I'm tired all the time (feel like I just got done running a marathon). Can't concentrate. Weepy.

Can't seem to get anything done. But I promised myself I'd do a blog post today and here it is. I guess that's something.



Mee2 said...

It's something. And it's a start. That's really all you can ask for, right? Good to see you back. :o)

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2 ... Now 3) said...

Wow this sounds so much like me it is crazy! Im having a super hard time and just trying not to show it.

Lei said...

I missed you Jen...and I hope this post was just the start...all the best from Spain

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I could help you with words of encouragement. But I don't know what to say except "everything will work out good in the end..." I have nothing to say until I know if you do believe what I believe or if you have faith, because all the words I would say to you apply in my life which are based on the Bible.

Anyway, all I know is that every trial and tribulation you encounter is not the end---we are not given those trials beyond our capacity to overcome it. It will pass through or we will pass through it.

When I feel I'm drowning, I only hang on to the words of comfort of God.

You will get through it. You will be fine. Remember, all gold has been brought by the flames of fire.

Clueless said...

Oh, I more than understand this feeling...getting out of bed to even go the the restroom is a lot of effort. Let alone brush my teeth...or shower!!!

I'm glad I'm not in that place anymore, but I sure feel for you. I promise it does get better.

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