Sunday, September 5, 2010

I am FAIL and here's why....

Sorry that I have neglected my blogs for so long. I've spent the last few months running from doc to specialist and have had tons of tests. Over these few months, I've had pneumonia twice, bronchitis, and a cough that won't seem to go away.

And what do these tests and specialists have to tell me?

N O T H I N G. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Nice huh? No one can tell me why I'm coughing. According to the tests, I'm fine, actually, really healthy. I'm so healthy, that I've been sicker the last few months than I have been in the last 10 years. Nice.

So, now that I know there's nothing wrong me (if you consider an annoying cough nothing), I'm going to try to get things back to normal.



FishHawk said...

I've been hearing about that sort of diagnosis a lot more lately. So, either we are becoming more and more hypocondriacly or our medical system is becoming more and more incompetent. Quite frankly, when my wife said that she was really sick, I had no doubt of it, and I was absolutely shocked when the doctor acted like there was nothing wrong with her.

Anonymous said...

It's annoying when it's like that! You know that there's something wrong with you but the tests can't seem to trace it.Been there.

Pilland said...

Do not say "sorry" because of bad health. Receive a great embrace and never stop to fight ;)

Edenday said...

Jen, please don't think you fail when you prioritize your health over all else. Your body is your temple, and it's the only vessel you have to see you through this life. I'm sure you know your readers understand. My wish for you is a resolution to your outstanding issue. Glad to hear you are healthy as a horse! Make sure to take your vitmain C and hopefully everything will resolve itself.

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