Saturday, November 20, 2010

My computer has a pet gremlin.....

So, the apartment complex lost power a few days ago, my computer was and got shut down. Gah, been having trouble ever since.

One minute Windows is working....the next it's not.
On minute Firefox is working...the next not so much.
One minute Internet Explorer is working...the next nada.

Not to mention: I can't do any Google searches in any browser; it won't let me download or save any files, the drivers for my video card keep mysteriously getting shout off, amongst other strange things.

I swear, there's a gremlin inside my computer. He waits til I'm using a program, then makes the program go all wonky. Then the little bastard waits patiently for me to exclaim "WTF! But I was just using that". He then gives out an evil snicker and returns the program to working order.

I may not have seen him, but I know he's in there..taunting me. What he doesn't know is that tonight, there will be a plate full of rat poison laced brownies setting out just for him. ;)



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