Friday, October 18, 2013

My health adventure part 1

So, they admit me and start running tests. I have every test known to man run., but there's no answers.

Doc 1 says he thinks it's some virus. He runs no other tests and treats me for nothing. He also points out I’m jaundice (yellow).

Doc 2 runs even more tests. When asked what's wrong, he says he doesn't know. Then later changes his answer to chirrosis of the liver. He also tells me I need a transplant. But he has no idea how to go about getting a transplant, who to call or any type of general information. Something he repeats numerous times to not only me, but my family also.

I stay in this hospital from dec2 until dec24. After hearing me complain (I really wanted to spend christmas at home), the doctors say the test results are good and I can go spend time with family. But I still need a liver transplant (remember this, it'll be important later).

I was home for about 4 hours. It didn't take long for the uncontrollable vomiting to return, along with increasing numbness and pain in my legs. I couldn't walk. So 911 was dialed and back to hospital I went.

The fun continues......


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