Saturday, October 19, 2013

My health adventures part 2...

In the ER, they called my original doctor. He would NOT readmit me to the hospital until I agreed to go to a nursing home to get physical rehabilitation. Yeah, the doctor in the ER couldn't believe it either. If I didn't go, what were they going to do with me? Dump me on the side of the road?

Keep in mind, they still have no idea why all of this is happening, or exactly what is happening. I'm loosing weight, unable to eat/hold things down. I've already lost over 25 pounds. I can't walk without the help of 2-3 people, my legs won't hold any type of weight.

So I reluctantly agree to go. Now most people would spend a day or two finding out about places and finding one that would best meet the needs they had. That's not the case here, I was given 48 hours to find a place and be gone. So I ended up in the first facility that called me back with an open bed.

When I first got there, the director started to give me the "thank you for choosing us" spiel. I had to inform her that there was no choice involved.

The home is basically set up for people to be dropped off and ignored while waiting to die.

I arrived with a set list of medications that I had been on in the hospital and the home followed it to the letter. Leading to me being over medicated when there was a bit of improvement.

You have to call outside doctors and make appointments, sometimes the home would get you there, but most of the time not.

There are no tests run, no discussion of your condition or how to deal with it. In my case, with liver failure, I was deemed an alcoholic/druggie that wasn't worth their time. One evening when I took a turn for the worse, a nurse asked the director if she should call an ambulance, the director said to do nothing for me, just let me lie there. The nurse was so upset by this, she called an ambulance anyway (one of the times I ended up back in the hospital). She was fired a few weeks later.



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