Sunday, October 20, 2013

My health adventures part 3...

Did i get better? What happened? Um, not a whole lot.

While I was in the home, but had to be hospitalized, I met a really nice doctor. He came in spent some time talking to me and finding out what was going on. I was shocked at this point I had "seen" over 20 different doctors, all of which would watch their watches and run out of the room after exactly 2 minutes. But this guy had already been in my room for 5. So I explain what had been happening, that  needed a transplant and no idea how to go about it.

He leaned over, shook my hand, and assured me I would have a name or phone number to call before leaving the hospital. And he backed it up. I was so impressed, he's now my doctor and I brag about him to anyone that has ears to hear.



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