Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My health adventures part 5......

Sorry these are late,I thought I posted them but actually saved them as a draft...ooopsies.
I'm gonna try to shorten this up so I can get you up to current a bit quicker.

I did really well at home. Withing 2 weeks I went from sliding around in a computer chair that had wheels to a walker. Then about 5 weeks after I got home, I had my cane and a bit more freedom.

I currently see a hematologist, a neurologist, a gastrointestinal doctor, and a liver specialist (can't remember what he's technically called, lol).

I met with a liver transplant specialist. He said he sees patients like me all the time. I DO NOT need a transplant, at least not now, maybe in 20-30 years. He explained that there is some liver damaged but it acting up was caused by something else. My liver is a symptom and something else is the cause.

My hemoglobin keeps bottoming out. It's been as low as 6, it should be between 10 and 12. I was getting sick of getting blood transfusions so my GI doc sent me to the hematologist. He ran tons of tests and couldn't figure it out.So now my home nurse draws blood every week to check it, and if it's low I get  pro-crit injection.

The neuropathy in my feet and legs started 6 months before my liver episode, so the liver doctor figured the answer would be there someplace. So my neurologist has been busy trying to figure out

Okay, I'll spill over into one more post, this is getting way long. But it's the finale, I promise, lol. As I now have some answers.



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