Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Seriously YAHOO?!?!?!


My God. I've only had me email account with since you started. I've watched over the years, get worse and worse. Why would anyone WANT to pay for your service? Why? It's not like they're getting anything better than the free service, they just don't get the awful, lag inducing ads.

I can log in, just fine. Got to my inbox, just fine. Click on a message to open it, no go. I get a "check your network connection or reload the page" error. Well, my connection works just fine. I've tried reloading the page, checking my connection, clearing my cache, etc. Still, no go.

So, I decided to call your 800 number (since I wouldn't be able to open a email from customer service). I go thru all the prompts, wait, then get told I'm being connected to a person, just to hear this: Due to high call volumes we won't be able to answer your call. *click*

And I called the number that paying customers are suppose to use.Come to find out, Yahoo has done an upgrade and everything is all screwed up.....yet again. Not just for free users but for everyone.

Ug. Every time I even come close to thinking about purchasing your service, you do something to remind me why I DON'T.

So thank you yet again Yahoo. The only reason I've stuck it out this long is because everyone knows that's my email address, but I've just about had it. Think I'll find a new service and start changing over. Maybe they'll appreciate it when a user has been around as long as I have.

I do have a Gmail address, maybe I'll start transferring everything to it and use it instead. god knows I've never had problems with it.



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