Friday, November 21, 2014


 Probably shouldn't talk about this here, but oh well.

I’m so frustrated with my little sister at this point, I have to avoid her. I just can’t be around her. I’m afraid I’ll try to knock some sense into her. You can’t help someone who is just so determined to make every mistake possible, did I forget to add the she’s letting her ex back around?

Yeah the guy that still has charges pending against him for beating her up. This is been going on for five months now. She avoids making decisions in her life, she's been caught lying to me, and lying to my dad. She doesn't manage her money, so she makes up lies to tell my dad, so he'll pay her rent. Last year alone, my dad paid eight out of 12 months of her rent. She's been caught lying about letting the EX live with her again also.

So then she decided to hook up with another guy, just because she needed someone to babysit her kids and pay some on the bills. A month after the guy moved in, she started bugging him, wanting to get pregnant. He said no. Rumor has it she's now pregnant anyway. Even though guy number two is now out of the picture also, he got sick of staying at his parents house every weekend just so she could have her other ex over. Yeah, you read that correctly.

And all this, after getting $3000 from my dad to pay for a lawyer. Because she and the first ex, decided to take each other to court over the child they share.

It really bothers me, because this is how my mother started acting, when her mental illness started setting in. And if that's the road my sister is headed down, this is just the beginning.

We've been encouraging her to get therapy. She finally started, but refuses to be open and honest with the therapist. I know from experience, that means the therapy will never help.

I'm at my wits end the situation. It's kept me so upset and stressed out, that my doctors have all gotten on me to distance myself from it. I hate to do it, but I have to. I have to try to keep myself from getting entangled in her mess.

I just don't know what to think, it's just exhausting.


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