Thursday, November 20, 2014

Let's play catch up...

So I’ve been kind of busy, lots of personal stuff going on to side track me.
The guy I use to get rides from, who was dating my sister, is now history. My family never knew that he had been beating on her. He had even been convicted of domestic battery and 2 years ago. Yeah. Sister never mentioned that one.

So he went to blows with her one morning and they split up. She got a no contact order against him. Well, there was a lot more drama than just that, but it’s stuff I’ll keep off the internet.
I'm now back to missing doctors appointments because of a lack of transportation. Public transportation in my area is just nonexistent.

Medicaid will pay for a few trips, but I'm running into a problem with that. I'm in one county, and all of my doctors are in another. There is no transportation that will go between the two counties. I can get a ride to anywhere just as long as it's in my county. Doesn't really help me get to doctors appointments.

And before, they were taking me to the grocery store 3 to 4 times a month. That's now over. My middle sister who lives a few cities away, now comes out once a month to take me. So I am slowly coming up with creative ways to cook and get the things I need. For example, I'm now using dried milk, since the jug stuff goes bad so fast. Now I just mix up what I need.

If I were to touch on everything that's going on, this post would be about 200 pages long. So in the interest of keeping things short, I'll just leave the rest for later.

I'm trying to refocus my life right now. I've spent way too much time wrapped up in the lives of my sisters. I've forgotten that I need to have life to and the only one who can make a life for me, is me.

And that means, spending more time focusing on my blogs, my online store, and myself.

Talk again soon (I'm using talk to type to write this, kind of feel like I'm talking out loud to myself,lol).



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