Tuesday, March 31, 2015

So many changes...

A lot has gone on since I was last here. I do apologize, but I won't make any more promises to be here every day. I will say I will try, that's the closest to a promise I can give.

So after years of waiting, I finally got subsidized housing. Yep. I moved in almost 2 months ago, in the middle of a snow storm. I still can't believe the hoops they make you jump thru. I even had to PROVE I didn't own a house (bf and I bought one in 2007, but I signed off of it before I left).

It's a much nicer apartment than I was in. Only problem is it's only 500 sq ft, my other was almost 650. Yeah, have had to do some creative organizing, lol.

The neighborhood is nice enough. Already met the neighbors. There's a garbage dumpster close enough that I can get to it with my cane. I'm on the bottom floor, so no stairs. And a huge bonus is I now have a washer/dryer IN the apartment. Yeah, they're used (think I'm the 4th owner) and the dryer doesn't work, but it's a lot easier. Oh, and I now have a dishwasher and garbage disposal, didn't have those before.

My kitchen is bigger, so I can enjoy cooking more. And the bathroom is HUGE compared to the last one.

I'm happy here. I can do as I please, without my dad visiting and trying to make things his way("IF I was you, I'd do......."). I love him, he means well, but he can be a bit pushy at times, lol.

Maybe I'll take some pics and post.



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